Free 24/7 urgent mental health support for young people

Young people and their families in need of urgent help with their mental health can get free 24/7 support from trained NHS professionals by telephone.

The last 18 months have been particularly hard for young people’s mental health and wellbeing. The NHS’s survey of children and young people’s mental health early this year found that one in six had a probable mental disorder – up from one in nine in
2017. Four in ten 6-16 year olds said their mental health had got worse since 2017, with only a fifth (21.8%) saying it had improved.

As a result, there has been an increase in people needing urgent support. Every mental health trust in London has put in place a dedicated phone line, supported by trained mental health advisors and clinicians, and open day and night, 365 days a
year. The lines are free to call, and trained advisors can provide immediate help or signpost callers to other sources of support if necessary.

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Ealing Youth Plan Consultation

The consultation

Ealing Council is consulting on how it will deliver its youth services for the next 3 years, and on the delivery of our services in Southall while a new permanent site for the Young Adult Centre (YAC) is identified.

Ealing Council has previously consulted with young people on its plan to deliver youth services. These views have been incorporated into a draft Youth Plan. Since that consultation, the COVID lockdown has impacted on the service provided across the borough and may influence young people’s views on activities and programmes. The purpose of a Youth Plan is to set out the themes around which activities and programmes can be developed while ensuring the plan focuses on the needs identified by young people.

The draft Youth Plan sets out:

  • A hub and spoke model which proposes how it will operate to deliver services, programmes and activities in geographic areas with partners. The plan includes demographic data.
  • The seven key themes that the youth service will focus on with young people.
  • The responses from the previous consultation with young people relating to youth centres incorporating their ideas.  
  • The focus on providing support for children who have special educational needs or disabilities.

The draft Youth Plan seeks to involve young people, and the community through the process to ensure that programmes and activities that are provided are what young people want. We want to ensure programmes and activities are well managed, affordable and encourage partners to participate. 

  • The temporary relocation of youth services out of the Young Adult Centre in Southall to Dormers Hub while a permanent site is identified on which to build a new youth centre.

We are also consulting on our long-term plans for the site of a new youth centre in Southall. The new youth centre will be a permanent alternative to the current Young Adult Centre (YAC) and young people will be involved in its design.

Your views

We invite your views on the provision of youth activities, youth centres and programmes following COVID, so these can fit into the draft youth plan. The youth plan is now available and you have your say on the provision of activities and services and the interim and long-term plans for the Southall youth center by completing a short questionnaire.

This consultation will close on 2 March 2022.

What happens next?

Your views will be taken into consideration and will be incorporated into our action plan for young people’s activities and programmes to be delivered through the youth centres and the results will be fed back to help make an informed decision on the site for a new youth centre. 

Once a preferred permanent location is decided, we will consult further on the design of that centre.

Further information

Ealing is also holding a public meeting where key parts of the Plan will be presented, and the audience will be asked to comment on key questions. There will also be an opportunity to ask Councillors about the Plan.

The Leader of the Council Peter Mason will be present along with the Cabinet lead for Fairer Start, Kam Nagpal and the Cabinet lead for Tackling Inequalities Cllr Ayesha Raza. Ealing Council senior managers will also be present to respond to questions raised.

The agenda will be:

5:45pm – 6.30pm: Arrivals, tea and coffee and an opportunity to see site plans of proposed interim youth facility and options for a permanent facility.

6.30pm – 6:45pm: Presentation on the youth plan.

6.45pm – 7.30pm: Activity to consult on key questions, including:

• What facilities are needed for Children and Young People in Southall and across Ealing?• What services are needed for Children and Young People in Southall and across Ealing?• How would you like to be involved in the planning process?

7:30pm – 8pm: Q&A to cabinet, chaired by Ian Jenkins

NB. To protect the health and safety of everyone attending we are implementing social distancing measures at the event as per government guidelines. All attendees are requested to wear a face covering where applicable. Please provide your own face covering and if possible take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before attending.

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