Bollo Brook Youth Centre

Bollo Brook Youth Centre is a place for you to hang out with friends, take part in fun activities, including music production, arts and crafts, dance, sports, cooking and debating, get support and advice. At Bollo Brook you’ll learn new skills, make new friends and have fun.

Our programme current face-to-face programme consists of:

Music studio projects, where you can work with professional studio engineers and producers, Reuben G and Blackstar – Tuesdays (12-6pm), Wednesdays (4-8pm), Thursdays (12-8pm) and Fridays (12-7pm).

Art projects, from mosaics to graffiti and everything in between, with our art tutor Yasmin, on Mondays, 4-7.30pm and Fridays, 2-7pm.

We are continuing to offer online one-to-one music production sessions for young people not able to attend in person.

If you would like to refer a young person onto any of our programmes or find out more about what we do, please contact Colin on 07903870065 or at

bollo studios

Bollo Studios is a space for young people to experiment, develop and express themselves through music. It’s open 30 hours a week for free sessions with studio engineers and producers, Reuben G and Blackstar.

The studio is based in Bollo Brook Youth Centre, South Acton, London. Bollo is a place for young people to hang out with friends, take part in fun activities, including arts and crafts, sports, cooking and debates, and get support and advice. This can be done directly or indirectly – by letter, phone, video or face to face.

bollo centre

We also run regular projects, including film-making, dance, vocal coaching, poetry writing, cooking and debates. Some of these are planned, some spontaneous, so it’s always best to contact us to see if we have something coming up for you.

The majority of our programme runs on a drop-in basis – just turn up and take part. However, if you want to check availability on any particular project or book a slot in the music studio or with a Connexions PA, contact us on the number below. If you have any ideas for projects you would like to take part in or run, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

At the weekends, the youth centre is used by a number of community groups, including Jamal Edwards Delve, the Royal Society for Blind Children and local youth-led group Acton Youth Association.

  • To read about our short film Bando, made in partnership with JE Delve, Mathias Gilay and Aaron Rogers, click here.
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  • Read about our involvement in food distribution over lockdown here.
  • Listen to our album made with young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo here and our EP with Street Univercity in Berlin here. This album was supported by Youth Music and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
  • Read about our projects exploring young people’s attitudes towards and experiences of race and racism here.
  • Read about us meeting with the UN here.
  • Watch the BBC coverage of our build-a-bike scheme with the Metropolitan Police here.
  • Read about a recent visit to the youth centre by J Hus here.
Here are two tracks made in our studio, with the videos made with cinematographer Joseph Gainsborough at the youth centre:
To watch our short film Bando, made in partnership with JE Delve, Mathias Gilay and Aaron Rogers

Bollo Speaks

‘Bollo Speaks is a monthly series of short radio shows created in collaboration with SOAS radio.. In each thirty minute episode, the young people of Bollo share their experiences through their powerful stories around identity, and music recorded in the Bollo music studio. So far, the episodes have focused on stop and search, mental health, education and love.’

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