Have you been affected by a crime committed by a child or young person in Ealing?

Every victim of a child (age 10-17) in Ealing will be contacted by the police team attached to the Youth Justice Service (YJS). This will be by phone call or letter. This call or letter invites the victim to be involved where appropriate.

If you want to be further involved your contact details will be passed on to a trained victim worker in the Youth Justice Service.

The victim worker will follow up by telephone contact, meetings and/or home visits when required or requested. They obtain your views about the offence and the harm done to you. They may also ask how the harm can be put right, and if possible deliver this through letters of apology, indirect contact or face-to-face meetings.

The Victim Officer is always available for help and advice. If more specialist support or advice is needed victims are informed of other help they can access, such as victim support.

If you need more information please
Tel : 0208 825 7524 and ask to speak to a member of the police team or the victim worker or email