Services for Looked After Children

If you’re a young person and you’re in care or have recently left care, you can access support services from the Horizons Education and Achievement Centre. It’s an informal and relaxed environment where you can share experiences, seek information and get advice to help you prepare for independent living.

You can get help from youth workers, teachers, social workers, health staff, Connexions workers and arts and music consultants. You can also take part in outings, with activities ranging from theatre and opera, quad biking and rock climbing to concerts and fashion shows.

Joining Horizons gives you the opportunity to take part in the Shoutout Forum, a group that meets monthly to research and discuss issues affecting young people in care. The Shoutout Forum is for 16-25 year olds; however if you are younger(11-15 yrs old) you can come to the Junior Shoutout Forum. These groups work with councillors, social services and national campaigns to improve services for young people in care.

For sessions in the Horizons Education and Achievement Centre you can just show up or contact the centre to book for outings.

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